We have an inner voice (guidance system) that keeps talking with us. However, we choose when to listen or muffle it. Our creator has enabled us with talent that is for us to recognize and be proud of. However, most of us from childhood get used to being told what to do, what to study, whom to meet…. the prescriptions are endless. As we grow up we do the same! What happens within families and societies is also reflected in the corporate life where a “Yes Culture” exists in many companies.

Most of us at some stage of our life have moments where we are either unsure, confused, or simply need a bouncing board – somebody we can speak to in a safe space without the other person judging us or telling us what we should do. All of us are not lucky, especially in today’s nuclear family environment, to have a good old bouncing board within the family itself. There is increasing loneliness in society and corporates. Corporates where “Yes Culture” prevails are short of leaders as from early-stage itself a “Telling Culture” nurtures an employee to become a follower.

If you are faced with such or similar situation as listed above, please find a Coach. If you want to contact me, you are welcome!