Depression: Few people understand it. Internal emotions cause a negative spiral.. social withdrawal, loneliness, rational thinking is blurred, no hope of a way out, there is a sinking feeling, sadness, tiredness, listlessness, lack of self-care, apathy towards work and things around, change in sleep pattern, excessive consumption of intoxicants, tears just flow out and worst – not always the cause is understood by the affected individual. 

People around do not see it as a sickness and are mostly insensitive to it. Advice or sermons is what the person does not need. S/he just wants you to be there.. holding you. It goes away through the individual’s own internal efforts. 
The individual going through depression needs somebody who empathizes and helps the person sort out his/her thoughts by himself/herself. This happens when the affected person trusts the other person and is willing to share and the other person through powerful open-ended questions enables the affected person to see by themselves things more logically, accept them and take charge of making choices.
When the above does not happen – it is a downward spiral vortex of loneliness and withdrawal which in extreme stages makes a person take the step of taking their own life. It is only an extreme situation of perceiving no options that a person commits suicide. 
In the past generation of joint families and joint businesses- the absorbing cushion was always there- somebody or the other was always there to be with you when u were down. In the digital world today, nuclear families, seldom physically get together with others and now COVID 19 has made it worse. 

Those who suffer it must watch out for the symptoms and not let the facts described above take over them. Instead they should try to understand their emotions and accept them. If crying helps, do it. Please remember that you are not the only one you goes through such phases. It is ok. Reach out to somebody you trust and express yourself.  
For all of us who spot such symptoms – It is now all the more important to value our true friends and reach out without giving sermons to those who are down. 

Sad to see young aspiring lives going down in flames like this. I am very saddened because this has not been the first suicide during this pandemic. 

I pray for good mental health to all and may we all be very caring if any one of our known ones is down with depression. 
May the good Lord bless us all.
Arvind ChandakMind Stream