Talent Recruitment


Right candidate at the right time for the right price


Talent Recruitment


When the questions become tougher and answers are tied to measurable metrics like cost-per-hire or time-to-hire, then a sleek internal recruitment team that has suitable resumes for all requirements may turn out to be a challenge. In addition, when the average time-to-fill for business functions hovers around 51 days, piling the recruitment responsibility onto the internal recruiters may sound a bit of an unrealistic demand.


As a practical alternative, the HR team turns to recruitment outsourcing organizations, but with a pinch of salt (read uncertainty). As the recruitment organizations are generally disconnected from the organization and focused on the numbers, it becomes a challenge to get the right people who are aligned with the organizational goals and values.


Mind Stream functions in that niche to bridge the connection. Not only with a group of recruiters who specialize in recruiting for a specific industry, but at Mind Stream we operate with recruiters who are specialized in specific business functions as well. It allows our recruiters to set up a process and streamline the recruitment workflow so that the hirers get the right candidate at the right time for the right cost, without any superfluous expenses.

Mind Stream

Approach & Process


Our recruitment approach pivots on understanding the organization we work with. This allows for forming a clear perception of the values, culture and practices of an organization.

The customer-centricity also gives us the opportunity to assess the roles and their needs. Our learning helps us work out the process flow for sourcing that we share with the hirers.

It keeps the process transparent, leaves the control and optimization options in the hands of the hirers.


As an extended team of our client, we start working from recruitment forecasting, go all the way scheduling assessments and interviews covering resource planning, skill identification, managing applications.

Post selection, we do the background and reference checks and handle offer management to ensure smooth enrolment.

Our responsibility concludes with reporting and seamless onboarding of the hires.

In the case of international hires, we acquaint the candidates with local laws, immigration procedures, and administrative regulations.




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